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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Post Fashion Magazine Body Consult

I come into his embrace
A feeling of warmth
Without the physical contact
My eyes closed
Tears weep through my lashes
I empty my pain upon his ears

"They told me I was ugly
That my nose was too big
My eyebrows too full
I was too fat
I was too skinny
I have too much hair
I don't have enough
That I only look beautiful in makeup
That I only look beautiful without"

I could feel him thinking
As his hands brushed against me
Touching but not touching my bare skin
For as always I was naked before him
Though I was fully clothed

A fine electric charge between him and I
Giving the illusion of touch
Very gentle
Not shocking or rough

With a feeling of his lips whispering against mine
He speaks to me

"You are beautiful
Everything about you is as it should be
You are not too much or too little of anything
The perfection of you is just what I need
You inspire passion
You are loved"

Tears dried
My eyes open
Seeing the world once again
Just as cruel as it was a moment ago
But unable to hurt me
Safe inside my armor as I now am