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Monday, March 4, 2013

Sit, Trigger; Sit

Pulling the trigger on a gun
Causes a precise chemical reaction
A small contained explosion
Channeled and chambered to propel in ballistic fashion

Drinking too much
Triggers a predictable thing
A headache and retching
The result of alcohol poisoning

Eating strange food and drink
Can trigger Montezuma's revenge
A burning clenching fever dream
Dubbed worth it in the end

When the president says "Jedi mind meld"
It triggers a face palm
Every explosion I hear
Triggers a flashback to Vietnam

The right word whispered in my ear
Will cause me to buy
While another strategic phrase
Will trigger the sell off

Telling the wrong tale from your past
Or spinning a certain fantasy
Will trigger me to go fetal with fear
Your predator personage all that I see

Thou shalt label such things
To keep my eyes away
Warning labels and safety gates
To prevent the poison trigger or treacherous fall

The act of living
Triggers death itself
Everything is a trigger for something
No mere warning will ever be enough