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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Happy Springtime

Snow making that unique 'crunching' sound is underfoot
Telling me that the temp is somewhere around 20 degrees Farenheit
As long as I keep moving my feet wont get cold
Though my steel toe boots have seen better days

The grey sky is greyer in areas
Particularly along the northern horizon
Where I can see curtains of snow
As millions of unique flakes make their way to the ground

My next step is onto seemingly virgin territory
No footsteps to lead the way
I slip instantly and almost fall
The devious newly fallen snow successful at hiding some ice once again

My moist breath has made icy little tendrils out of my mustache
I occasionally touch them with my tongue
Just for fun
Feeling the icy crunch as I apply a little pressure

My phone buzzes lightly in my pocket
It may be important so I take a quick look
It's an alarm I set to go off this time every year
Telling me that it's now officially Springtime

Lest all the ice and snow would have me forget