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Friday, March 1, 2013

Place Progression

There is a place
Full of something
Maybe full of answers
Or perhaps more questions

Down this path
This barely visible path
With an occasional ancient cobble
Poking through the knee high scrub

Past the rotten log
With the partly hollow inside
Decorated with mushrooms and moss
A lucky toad's high rent abode

At the very shallow lake
With the shimmering clear waters
Showing everything to any observer
Sometimes what they least want to see

There you'll find what you seek
Where they lyric takes life
And you might not get what you want
But you'll surely get what you need

Then it's away from the shallow lake
Following your footsteps in the loamy soil
Crunching the occasional small shell
To the coolness of the trees once again

Past that same rotten log
Where the toad has rearranged the place
Adding a few sticks and a daisy
To spruce up the joint

Back up the path
Grasses brushing your calves
Tripping over new and different cobbles
On this ancient forgotten road

Now with a memory of that place
That fades in the details
With every passing step
Until only what is necessary remains

Nestled just where it needs to be