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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Tiny Turtles

The simplest answer is always the most correct
That's why I went with the tiny turtles

Breeding them down that small wasn't really that hard
Just took a lot of time
I went with painted turtles
As they seem to be the smartest
And are happy in a liquid environment

Generation after generation of painted turtle
Got smaller and smaller in my lab

I was training them too as I went
Not that they could pass that on
But to breed in intelligence as well

Six years after I started
I had my smart tiny turtles

There were problems though
I won't lie
At first, they kept on drowning
As there wasn't any air under the membrane

What's that?
You want to know about the membrane?
I'll get to it

The solution of course was total liquid ventilation
I simply used conditioned perfluorocarbon
Instead of plain water

After learning how to breathe the liquid
The turtles were happy enough I assure you!

The training of the tiny turtles was a bit challenging
But with the judicious use of electrical prompts
I was able to get my desired results

As I've clearly laid out
I have crafted a changeable braille tablet!

You see
The tiny turtles interpret the electrical signals
And move into formations underneath the membrane
Forming the braille writing
Isn't it marvelous!

There is one small snag
Though I think people will get past it
Whenever the unit is powered down
The tiny turtles always revert to a familiar pattern

One that spells out:

"Please help us. We are being held prisoner inside this device"

Perhaps I bred them a bit too smart