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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Bad Bunnies

Poofy rabbit eyed us
From amidst it's rabbit puff
Surrounded by rabbit riches
Never satisfied with enough

A bowl of food
A water bottle as well
Maybe some Timothy hay
In a hanging basket with a bell

Bunnies are not recommended
After all they are only rodents
Of small and unusual size
With wicked sharp teeth
Within cute pink mouths
With which to rip tear and incise

I am not impressed
With the fluffy tails
Nor with silken long ears
For which the oohs and aahs never fail

It is rather cute
Though I'd never tell her that
When the white one sticks her head in a ball
Wearing it like a tiny blue rubber bunny crash hat

Mostly the bunnies stink
Seemingly pooing their own weight in pellets
Each and every day
If you think that's no big deal I invite you to smell it

At night the bunnies run around
In a white and grey dervish whirl
Bouncing off the sides of the cage
Yelling bunny curse words
Wicked enough to make my beard curl

I'm not sure what they hope to accomplish
With this nightly activity
Maybe some mad scientist bunny told them lies
That doing so would release them from captivity

When they sleep all stretched out nose to toe
Their little whiskers atwitch
Dreams running through their bunny heads
Perhaps that's exactly what they dream of
Escaping in a centrifugal bunny explosion
Of cage parts poo and rabbit feed
Creeping in to my darkened bedroom
Lighting upon my heaving chest as I snore
Staring me down and whispering in hushed bunny tones