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Monday, April 1, 2013

Spring Maintenance

Raking the fall leaves in the spring
Brings to light so many forgotten things

My last year's motivation
Strewn over there near my broken knee
Along with some summer toys
Covered with mud but otherwise fine as far as I can see

A group of in identified tubers
Rooty bulby things that will soon grow
Into what I have no idea
For I tend a decaying garden and never sow

I think a few years ago
I tried to grow something
It may be over yonder never to rise again
But we shall see what the spring brings

Some pipes coming out of the house
Going to the septic tank
Getting more exposed every year that I rake
Pulling the sandy soil away
The white pipes just begging to be stepped on
Just another thing for me to break

Dog poos aplenty in the dog designated area
To get raked and collected
Along with all the leaves grass and sticks
A years worth of everything that was neglected

As with lots of manual tasks
I tend to find myself again
The repetitious motion and raised blisters
Only now making it feel like a new year
Not months ago in January
The world covered in snow, parties and promises

Half the leaves are still frozen to the ground hard
So I'll be at it again in a few weeks
More things to be moved and discovered
Both in the yard

And within myself