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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Too Short

Being short is relative
To perspective
To scale
To the average

Too short is the story
That only has one word
Though Hemingway wrote one with six
Or at least that's what I heard

Too short is the manhood
Relative to porn perceptions
Though it's real measure is the pocket of it's mate
And it's ability to perform conceptions

Too short is the man
Who cannot reach the top shelf
But that isn't all it's cracked up to be
And for god's sake don't call him an elf

Too short is the tail
Of a docked brown dachshund
Though that's only in comparison
To the longest monkey's tale around

Too short is the poem
That ends before the first rhyme
Though there are those that never do
Even if they extend to the end of time

Too short is the life
That ends before it's fulfilled
But who's the judge of that?
The "That Life Was Just Right" super secret guild?

Too short can be measured on a scale of one to ten
Or lining things up from shortest to tallest
And slipping it in until she says 'when!"
But other than obvious cues like that
There is no way to tell
If something is too short too tall too thin too fat

The variety is the spice
Which varies in and of itself
If everything was the same
Life just wouldn't be half as nice