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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Thinking of You

Thinking of you
In all the worst ways
Thinking of you
No matter what my therapist says

It's self destructive
It really is
Though a lot less harmful
Than actually following through

Actually calling you?
That'd undo months of therapy
Seeing you?
Would bring on unending apathy

I'd never want to get away
No matter the harm you cause
The way your touch makes me feel
Suddenly it's true love irregardless your flaws

Thinking of you is destructive enough
Thoughts of your skin
The silk of your thighs
It's really too much

It overwhelms me
Sending me into a spiral
Of lightheadedness and fever
You really could be viral

Where this goes is an unsaid certainty
As I reach for the phone
Your number a preprogrammed memory
All from just thinking of you