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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Western Fruit Salad

The blueberry buttons on my star fruit shirt
Complemented the strawberry sash
Around my pomegranate pants
Tucked neatly into blackberry boots
I was a sight to see

Upon my belt hung two clementine Colt six guns
With plenty of apricot ammunition
A snazzy voavanga vest
Complete with Fuji apple fringe
Riding atop my hungry huckleberry horse

I show my manners as I raise my guava gloved hand
And tip my kiwi cowboy hat to the ladies
Doing the odd trick with my long lemon lariat
Jumping through flaming fig hoops
That do suddenly appear

Such is the life of this kumquat cowboy
Singing home home on the range
Picking at a homemade salmon berry cigar box ukelele
Moseying off into the damson plum desert
And a painted seagrape sunset