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Tuesday, April 9, 2013


The kings and queens of Nazerene
Rode their prawns the size of oliphants
With gold and gems upon every long stem
Of both leg and antenna

From their saddles on high
The queen spied prey
On which the hounds were sic'd never to be seen again
As the prey had an appetite for hound

At this the king did froth
As hounds were nary a penny per pound
Each cost time in training plus room and board
At a high cost per unit to the crown

The prawn mounts caught the mood
As the king sat and fumed
At the queen's lack of responsibility
They began stomping and rearing
At every living thing in the clearing
Making mudholes with every step

The king and queen of the Nazerene
Were finally thrown from their seats to the ground
As their riding ability was strictly for show
And mad stomping prawns were well above it

The prawns spied a king or queen for each
Grabbing them lightly in their front periopods
To be raised to open mouth
These riders so long hated
First tasted then eaten till sated

Now running free with a taste for royal flesh
The prawn went forth and were fruitful
Soon making a herd
In that strange land where both cypress and bird
Romanced halibut wherever they roamed