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Saturday, November 24, 2012


Transported to Transgenderland
I was transfixed
As I saw sexy hairless men sporting breasts
Masculine women with beards and strapped down tits

I was absolutely gender bendered
I didn't know what to do
Should I kiss the boys who looked like girls?
Or make out with the chicks who looked like dudes?

My upbringing had not prepared me for this
I felt deranged and overly wary
As if each person I met had a hand grenade in their pocket
Which could go off at the slightest interaction

Then someone bought me a drink
Shared a pizza with me
Told me I was cute

I found myself attracted to them
And only after I felt that
Did I stop for a second
And think about which genitalia they may have

I realized it just didn't matter
And we have a date tomorrow at eight