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Monday, November 26, 2012

Modern Dysfunctional Love

I love thee!
I cry out in wretched ecstasy
Tortured by my muses
Which is shown by heart shaped bruises
My heart pumps out it's love juices

For you
As you know
Because I say

If you do deny me
I will suicide me
And you shall be left sobbing over my corpse
Wondering what could have been
Though at that point I'll be wondering when
You might feel sorry enough for me
To actually cleave to me
And I can sit up and stop pretending to be dead

Because I'm not stupid
You're just a chick
There are other fish in the sea

And then to prove my point
You run away from me
As if I never mattered
As If our relationship was all in my head
And I was just a creepy stalker standing over your bed
Which was never proven in court
So you have to stop saying it
My lawyer says so

I drop som acid to break my rhythm
Creating a new brain partition
From which I can boot a new love
For the next chick that happens along
But in so doing
I'm starting from scratch once again
Any lessons I learned from chasing after you
Will just have to be learned again
Becoming an endless circle of idiocy

You said people like me shouldn't breed
And maybe that's true
But a man has his needs
And at the time I needed you
Now I've forgotten your name
Moved on to new game

It's called internet porn
Stand back as I spill my man goo