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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Aircraft Mechanic Kink

The metal edge digging into my back
Is as sharp as one you have me ride nightly
As I lay there just a few minutes longer
As you have me guessing whether the pain or the pleasure
Just to get these last three bolts started in their holes
Threading the leather straps around your wrists and ankles
And apply the proper torque upon them in sequence
Securing you firmly just the way you like it
Before slipping the thirty two thousandths safety wire through
Hearing you cry softly "No, no, no"
My ears ring lightly with the solid "snick!" of the diagonal cutters through the metal
But it doesn't count because you didn't say the safe word
Only then can I sign off on the job
That phrase that I'll never forget
Combining a couple references to keep the FAA happy
Sometimes I cannot wait to get back to the job
I can never wait to get back to you