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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Just a Brain In A Jar

Trapped inside of a crunchy candy shell
The brain tries to interpret what it's remote sensors send back to it
Images sights sounds and feels

Are all these other creatures actually alive?
Do they think and feel just as I do?
These sociopathic thoughts cross the mind
Floating inside of it's dark liquid filled vat

Empathy was introduced early on
But it's one of those things that gets forgotten sometimes
Just like brushing your teeth
Or wearing underwear

In a hurry
No time
Very late for that important date
White Rabbiting away at common courtesy

Sure this could all be a Matrix situation
Nothing more than a simulation
Probably within yet another simulation
All a picture within a picture peered at to infinity

In the end it can only be taken at face value
Light is light and dark is dark
Heat is warm and cool is cold
Deciding if it is worth a mind's time
To dance the dance
Chase that spark