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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Cheesemaker, The Cheesemonger, & The Great Sphere of Cheese

The Cheesemonger worked closely with the Cheesemaker
Starting one month before the arrival of the National Cheese Tour
Bringing together milk from the finest cows
With a secret family mesophilic starter culture

Both Cheesemen watching for it all to coagulate
Impatiently peering at the vats in the rear of the cheese vault
Checking in twice every day both early and late
Until it was time to cut up the curds and add the salt

Scooping them into the cheese press
To remove the water from the mess
Solidifying the mass slowly
Under a ton of pressure more or less

Now rolled into a spherical shape
All held together with wraps of sterile linen tape
Left to cure and ripen upon the round bottom mold
Awaiting the day it turns two weeks old

On that day the Cheesemonger loaded it up with oversize spoons
Till it rode high in his silver wheel barrow
Rolling carefully across the grassy sandy dunes
Wind stirring his black apron and mussing his thick grey hair

Momentarily distracted by his thoughts of winning a blue ribbon
With his wonderful spherical cheese monstrosity
The Cheesemonger tripped upon a small stump
Sending the wheelbarrow tumbling at a high velocity

The round cheese flew up and out
Arcing across the evening sky
Until it reached the top of its flight
And hung there for no particular reason why

Where it stays even today
Reflecting the sun upon us in the night
Right off its cheesy man-in-the-moon face
Safely guiding the Cheesemonger's future journeys with silvery light