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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Chasing Tail

I'm chasing your long tail
A red and black striped furry rope
Always just out of reach

Just when I think I can grab ahold
I stretch just a bit
And you pull your tail in just enough

Weaving in and out of trees
Blind outcroppings
Roots sticking out whacking me in the knees

It seems as if I've been chasing you forever
Or at least for half an hour
So it's time for something clever

Paws into pocket to retrieve my long grabber
Three feet long with mechanical fingers
Soon to be an improvised striped tail nabber

With a final burst of speed
And a reach with the extension
When I felt upon my own tail all kinds of squeezing and tension

All this time I thought it was you
When I was running myself ragged
Chasing after myself