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Wednesday, June 25, 2014


The lawn is far from impressed with things
As a matter of fact it claims to have seen it all before
Back way before you thought that it was fun
Shaggy Hipster front yard is much cooler than you

It hasn't been acting like this very long
Just since you went on vacation
And the neighbor kid didn't cut your lawn
Which now resembles what sticks out past a green Yeti's thong

Indicating that Yeti needs some Yeti-scaping
Trimming of the bush
The old Adirondack wax job
For a slick and sparkly Yeti tush

Dandelions dot the lawn as it rolls its own cigarettes
Puts on a pair of hiking boots
Then to straddle a custom fixie bicycle
Smoking through a shaggy green beard

Riding away with a bored look upon its green grassy face
In search of others of its kind
To discuss bands nobody else has heard of over organic coffee
A run down obscure place to unwind

This is the perfect opportunity for you though
To drag out that bag of Preppie seed you've hoarded since the 1980's
The salmon colored one with the LaCoste crocodile upon the side
With extra chemical deterrent to all the local Emo bees

It will surely discourage that Hipster lawn from ever coming back