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Monday, June 23, 2014

Guacamonkey's Revenge

Ishy squishy green tasty treat
Guacamonkey minced his steps tight and neat
Making way across a polished floor
A fugitive from a corner store

A sharp tortilla chip in each hand
With a small back-up supply upon a bandoleer
No internal structure making it pretty hard to stand
Simian lips twisted in an eternal sneer

A white rubber gloved hand reaches down from the heavens
And our tasty green friend thinks he has been chosen
"Winner winner chicken dinner!" he cries as he rises
The view of the world just a blur until he is set down again

To come to rest patted into place and shape
In a shallow bowl next to some plates
A small label upon its side
About one inch tall and four wide


Soon children lined up with wide hungry eyes
Fistfuls of Doritos piled high and wide
Greedy hands reaching for a great grimy scoop
Removing great gobs of himself to alight upon trays as piles of loose green poop

When the last child had taken what they wanted
There was nothing left of the errant guacamole monkey
Just a few smears of spiced avocado colored mess
Which had just enough collective consciousness for one last wish
That each and every child involved would suffer acute intestinal distress