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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Negative Imprint

Hand held to the light
Is a wonder to behold
The skin's wrinkles and pores
Patterns of veins and hinted at bones

And it needed to be purple
At least the backside of it did
As that was the style
All my friends were doing it

The palm must be left clean
Or at least as clean as it can be
As a counterpoint to the purple
A two toned extremitis

My worn teeth chewed the blackberries
Grinding the seeds and skin to pulp
Mixing with my spit
Making a dark purple confection in the mouth

Making sure my parents weren't looking
I placed my palm hard against the cave wall
And blew the contents of my mouth over and around
Aerosoling in royal technicolor

Long before Aerosol and technicolor were a thing

Drawing my animal skin tighter around myself with one dry hand
I made may way out of the cave to the fire
Joining all my friends
Leaving behind the negative image of my hand
About five feet up on the rock wall amlost lost amongst many others

Nothing profound
Just the pursuit of the latest fad
The neon shoe laces and half shaved heads of my time