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Monday, June 9, 2014

Meat Dreams

The refrigerator was empty
Which is said in the most first world kind of way
Since there is still half a gallon of milk
Some butter and jam
Along with two tins of leftovers

For my effective purposes it was empty
As nothing there appealed to me at this late hour

The bank account was just as empty
Which means of course that it was not
Just simply not enough for me to be happy
As if there were a set number that could make that so

And so I slept
Because sleep keeps the evils at bay
Making most problems go far away

In my dreams I found a forgotten room
Which held a cupboard full of snacks
All of my favorite kinds were there
Full of crunchy nutty crispy chocolaty creamy goodness

Right next to that cupboard was a refrigerator
Full of bulk quantities of meat
Huge tubs of butter
Jams and jellies of many kinds

Enough food to last for months

That's when I awoke and realized my plight
By falling asleep with not enough food or money on my mind
I'd managed to achieve something I'd avoided my whole life

The fact that I had never really felt poor until that night