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Sunday, July 6, 2014

The Holiday Killer Does the Fourth

Happy Fourth of July
I'm in a fine fettle
And you'll soon know why
Today's activities will test both our mettle

For now it's just you and me
And some sweet morning tea
Mine with a lump of sugar
Yours with a slimy little booger

Oh no, wait
That's actually poison

So we'll ruminate upon the situation
As the neurotoxin slowly takes hold of you
Paralyzing the extremities
Arms stuck to your sides like a bit of glue

I've got some time now to set the table
Stainless carving knife set
Some brand new scalpels
And a bone saw

That last stanza didn't rhyme much
It was more of a list

None of which will matter to you
As I Dexter you into nothing
In the form of a dozen black trash bags
Ferried out to the deepest part of Lake Superior for a toss and fling

Later Gator
After while Crocodile
Wouldn't want to be ya
Your absence will bring naught but a smile