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Monday, July 21, 2014

Some Chipmunk History

In the days of the Great Before
There were trees over almost all the land

Not only the mighty Oaks
Which in those times were landbound
To the spot upon which their acorn had fallen

But others
Such as the Maple
Whose leaves were palmately lobed
And seeds with one wing upon them
Which spiraled down to earth every year
In a show of pre-aviation lift and drag

Sadly, those seeds were not good to eat
Though the wood that the tree could give was strong
With sometimes intricate pleasing patterns to the grain
See figure 6c for examples of Maple characteristics

We will go over other types of trees from the Great Before in later chapters
For now
Understand that there were many kinds of trees

Please go to section 2 of your handout
Where the Blight and Purge of Year One is detailed
This is what will be on the quiz tomorrow

Please pay close attention to the linguistic evolution paragraphs
As well as the names of the founders
Which are listed at the end of the section

Have a wonderful afternoon