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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Blank Page, Interrupted

A stack of papers
Clean and crisp
Cream colored and pleasing to touch
Just the thing to write the next great novel upon

With my favorite pen in hand
That's just what I set out to do

A painfully virgin sheet laid gently upon the green surface of the desk
So perfect looking
Like a picture

So I actually did that first
Took a picture
Entitled "Clean Page Upon Green Desktop"
And I posted it to my Instagram
Then to Tumblr
But with the hashtag of #boobs
Because otherwise nobody would have looked at it

Then with pen hovering over the page
I set out to write
But found that I could not

No word seemed good enough to be the first
Not "A" or "The"
I doubt even "Call me Whaleboy" would have sufficed

So as one part distraction and one part inspiration
I played a word game upon the page
Word associating my way down until it became a letter to every woman I'd ever loved

The curve of their hip
Cup of a breast
Red sweet lips
Plus eye of newt
And I almost had a bitchin' witches potion

I felt like I could do something now
Inspired even

Closing my eyes in momentary relief
I resolved to throw out the used up first page and start anew
But then I opened my eyes and saw that the page was still blank
My pen still hovering above it
Wrist beginning to hurt
No word game had ensued
No inspiration had inspired

There was a knock at my door
I slowly put down my impotent pen
Glaring at it as if it were all its fault
Rotated in my swivel chair
Got up and answered the damned door