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Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Here I am trying to have a picnic
And there you are just droning on
Flying overhead with me in your crosshairs
Recording both video and audio
For upload to secretive men in cushy chairs

Drone in the sky with the repetitive sound
Are you lonely up there
As you circle round and round?

I shove another small sandwich into my mouth
Wondering idly what this could be all about
Internally reviewing my book purchases on Amazon
Perhaps something there raised a red flag
Something that my trusted government must act upon

When just as I was imagining strange closed door scenarios
Of becoming a casualty of the war on terror or maybe drone stalking
The object in question darted down quite low
Where it resembled nothing more than a diving young crow
Then accelerating straight up clear out of sight

What a relief
It seems it was just a curious UFO