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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Emo Poetry Rant-a-thon

Darkness pain and loneliness plain
Ripped open soul all covered in stain

This is poetry!
This is poetry!

I totally just sang that in the voice of Jack Skellington
But maybe that's just me
And the gigantic bug up my ass about poetry
Also wishing I was a living skeleton sometimes
Ruling over Halloweentown
With loneliness and misery
Etcetera ad nauseam
Because without that all the emo poetry would never be written

"This poem is derivative
It mentions pop culture
It is not valid"

You're missing my point
Which is this:
So I hear that your father/mother/sister/brother/spouse/child passed away today
I am sorry
And of course you can write about it!
All those depths of dark feeling to be plumbed
How fucking marvelous
I'm sure you'll do it justice
And it will be free therapy to boot!
I really don't see how this isn't a win win for all of us

Death has ripped my body in twain
Left my soul wide open to rain

This is poetry!
This is poetry!
Everybody weep with me!
My girlfriend left me now I cut myself nightly

One month on and still writing the pain away
Six months and still
A year
Until it seems that all that pours from your pen's life blood is tears in the rain
Washing down the page in your bereft rage
It's all you know
It's what you've become

I wish you well
All the best really
And in my best passive aggressive modern day social meda way
I uncircle you
I unfriend

Lest your pain
Become my pain
By proxy of the daily dose of black that you dish out

And now the rain in Spain
Doth fall far away from your pain
Because even though it seemed cruel
It was getting pretty goddamned lame

This is poetry!