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Monday, April 7, 2014

Just Another Drive In The Day of

I'm busy chasing the new fangled LED taillights of this semi in front of me
Lit up like a Christmas tree from the rear
It distracts me from the problems of everyday life
The mortgage
The car payment
The insurance premiums
Dog poop on the floor
A kitchen that needs to be taken out and thrown away

I let the wind from the sides of the double aluminum gravel trailers buffet me in my tiny car
Kind of riding the sweet spot
Where I can noticeably back off the throttle to maintain 60 miles per hour
But not yet so close to the back of the rig as to be suicidal if the driver has to tap the brakes

It's a pleasant feeling
Being in that buffet zone
A twilight zone of rocking back and forth
With the red red taillights reflecting off my eyeglasses
My right thumb idly picking at the black gunk that collects on the cheap grey plastic steering wheel

There's a man droning on about something over the speakers
Some podcast or another
Spilling fascinating yet instantly forgotten information into my ears
A disposable TED talk for the road

The car hits a bump and my iPhone comes out of it's dimmer 'idle' mode
And illuminates the passenger area with it's brightness for thirty seconds
Before allowing itself to be lulled into a lower level of consciousness
Sung to sleep by the irregular droning of the car's three cylinder engine
Raggedly calling out through the worn out exhaust tip to the rear

All the lights on the trailer of the big rig in front of me flicker off and on for a moment
As they do sometimes as the electrical connectors flex
Gathering up my attention once again
Concentrating it into multiple points of LED light
Being chased by me in the pre-morning dimness on US-23