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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Searching For Super

The old sign was freshly painted
"Become a real superhero or - $5"
And it seemed like an odd typo
To have that 'or' hanging off the end
But hey 
Nobody is perfect

So I went into the single wide that the sign was hanging on

I paid my five bucks
An old man in a lead suit gave me a box and left the room
I opened it
I dropped dead

The old man tottered back 
Dragged a piece of drywall off an opening in the floor
And rolled me into it
Where I fell into bottomless darkness

Box picked up
Plywood in place
Old man waiting
The experiment set for the next person

Upon the wall next to the calendar
Was a sign with a small whiteboard square
It currently read

"It has been 9768 days
Since the last superhero"