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Friday, April 18, 2014

Flat Squirrel Barbecue

Strings of meat-like substance
That's what the black beak was pulling up
Up out of the flattened carcass of a red squirrel
One of those famous rats with fluffy tails that are everywhere in the spring
Running with no regard to personal safety across roads everywhere

The black beak in question was on the face of a black bird
Sort of a medium black bird
So I don't know if it was a crow, or a raven, or just a black bird
Is black bird a type of bird?
I'll have to look that up

The only reason I'm here to see this macabre display of culinary delight
Is because I'm driving towards it
At about thirty miles per hour

The black bird pays this fact no mind
As he methodically picks at the squirrel innards before him

I get closer and start thinking I should maybe hit the brakes
Or maybe swerve into the other lane to avoid hitting the bird
But as this type of bird usually does
He flaps away at the last second to avoid me

The poor flat squirrel passes below the center of the car
And I watch it dwindle in my rear view mirror as I get further away

Before I'm twenty yards from the flat squirrel
That black bird drops back into his place
Cocking his head to examine things closely
Before driving that black beak in once again