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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Spinning Wrench Spinning 'Round

I half watched the 5/8 inch wrench spin
Fluttering and flickering about my fingertips
Because that's simply the mood that I'm in
To rotate chromed steel in a fantastic blur
As I step firmly upon reinforced concrete
Shaded by an aluminum alloy wing
Humming accompanied by the rhythm of my feet

The tune is incoherent
But the view is razor sharp
Target acquired
Twelve pointed box end descending at warp speed
To perfectly alight upon the bolt head
Applying pressure in expert fashion
Not to loosen the bolt mind you
But in a maximum fashion pose
With a perfect 100 degree angle on the inside of my elbow
What muscle I had peeking out for the ladies
Chin thrust out proudly displaying my manly beard

Though the fairer half of the species was not anywhere in view
Just another dude looking at me like I was weird