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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Movie Quote Cheap Shot

I forgot to write!
I forgot to write!

"Who won the fight?"
Cried Mabel the part time chemist from across the alley

No, 'to write'!  I said
'To write'!

"What's too bright?  Is my television bothering someone?"
Asked the elderly retiree from the Chevrolet plant

This is madness
I mumbled to myself
Frantically pulling my typewriter out from under my old spring mattress'd bed
An old postcard caught under the heavy corner of the old brown imitation leather case
Staying there
Face up
After I picked up the box and set it upon my rickety desk

I say quietly once again
Dropping my correction pen to the floor
My eyes fixate upon the postcard as I pick up the errant instrument

Below a black and white picture of some Greek-ish looking ruins was a caption

"This, Is Sparta"