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Monday, April 21, 2014

Robert The Creator

Come get your Easter basket off the table
Or I'll give it to the pigs!"

Robert jumped up to move as he heard his mother's voice
Pausing his video game as he went
The digital warrior onscreen instantly frozen in mid-swing of a machete
With a white rabbit hanging in pixelated air
As it hung there interminably trying to escape its fate

Grabbing the basket
Robert headed to his room
Looking to stow his trove of eggs and chocolates upon his tall dresser
The higher the better
Lest one of the pigs could connive a way to get to it

The video game was waiting out in the living room
In all of its frozen framed glory
Just needing a touch of someone's finger
For the mayhem to begin anew

But Robert couldn't move
His eyes fixated on one of the eggs
Which had peculiar patterns upon its colored shell

Upon the pinky orange background of Paas dye
There was a filigree of gold
First a grid-like pattern with dots sworls and dotted lines connecting them
Then all condensing into a dot the size of one of mom's stick pin ball heads
Before expanding again to cover the entire surface of the shell
Showing a moving picture of a boy holding an egg

Slowly the fine lined boy upon the eggshell cracked the egg he held in half
Discarding one half of the egg
The boy looked at the remaining half in his hand
And slowly put his index finger into it

The golden lines froze like that for a moment
Then contracted to a dot once again
Only to show the first grid pattern once again
Then the dot
Then the boy with the egg animation

The cycle of images continued as Robert stood and stared
Seemingly out of time with the rest of the world
The clock on the kitchen wall stood silent and still
Hands and pendulum immobile

After an eternity or a second
Robert moved
His hand reached out and took the egg up
Gently cradling it in the fingers of his right hand
The left hand smoothly coming up to grasp the top half of the egg
Breaking away a dome shaped chunk of shell in one motion
As if the calcium carbonate had perforations manufactured into it

But that piece was unimportant
And quickly discarded onto the floor

Robert's eyes peered into the open topped egg that rested upon his fingers
Falling into the swirling darkness and light within
No patterns
No reason
Simply chaos inside the shell

Until almost unconsciously
Robert aped the motions of the filigree cartoon
Bringing his free hand index finger to the opening in the egg
Slender finger wrapped in brown skin tipped with a slightly dirty fingernail
Dipped into the churning miniature madness daintily

Instantly the chaos became ordered
Compressing to a dark pinprick speck
Then exploding outwards with a blinding light
That imprinted itself upon Robert's retinas

The tiny light expanded into a bright cloud
Which broke up into smaller points of light
Tiny star armed affairs
That soon twisted with rotational motion
And buffeted by tiny cosmic winds

The lights changed color gradually and slightly
Going from white to yellow to red to black again
But others forming as the old ones faded

Occasionally a tiny speck would wander from one sparkly starfish to another
Though that didn't happen often
As the tiny specks continued their little life cycles
Slower now though
And not as many at any given time

Slowly dwindling in number until there was only one left
The largest one Robert had yet observed
And much like several of the other ones before it
A few tiny specks darted out from the twisted sparkling spiral
Searching in the blackness
But now finding no other destinations
Because they were no more

Some of the specks returned home
Though one kept going
Seemingly exploring the boundaries of it's universe
Until it vanished before reaching the shell of the egg

Robert stared at the last tiny spiral
As parts of it changed color
Growing dimmer and dimmer
Until it winked from sight

Nothingness now resided within the egg
Supported by all ten of Robert's fingers
He remembered to breathe
The clock in the kitchen started ticking again
Sounds and smells of life entered his senses

Blinking wearily Robert set the egg down carefully in the basket
Nestling it safely in the synthetic Easter grass
Open end up
Just in case something there needed to be contained safely.

He remembered his video game
And scampered back out to the living room to press START again

After all there would be time later to eat chocolate and chew jellybeans

And there were three other eggs
Just like the first