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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Reflection of Deception

Every time my mirror lies to me
I swing a mighty hammer to smash it

When it shows my stripes
Or tells me my age
Claims I'm not bright
It always feeds my rage

But warhammer blows
Turn into baby taps
Like a plastic rattle trembling
After I stay up past my nap

Everything is diminished
When reflected in my mirrors eyes
At times it seems like water
Or it could just be the tears it makes me cry

Mighty is weak
Large becomes small
Pretty becomes hideous
Reversing pretty much anything at all

And before you suggest the obvious
And tell me to try tapping lightly
Which clearly would smash it to pieces
Ripping it softly from the wall

That doesn't work either
When I try outsmarting it
All I can hear is laughter

As if its just having a ball

Mirror mirror this
Mirror mirror that
Here there and everywhere
All a fucking funhouse

An inescapable siren call