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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Just Another Four Cycle

Cried the first stage fan
With a scimitar grind upon its edge
Separating the inrush of airflow
Dividing and conquering all in one fell blow

Some of the air tumbles into the first stage vanes
Entering the dark of the engine core
To be compressed further
Stage upon stage
Until it can be squeezed no more

Whereupon it is injected with high pressure fuel
And lit on fire
Causing it to roar in agony
Tension within now tight as a wire

Hot gasses sent on out the nozzle guide vanes
Into the turbine section
Pushed on by hot gas and flames
A couple stages to drive the second stage compressor core
Then one or two more
To spin the first stage of compression
And begin the process once again

But wait
Wasn't there some additional air?
Back when I said that 'some' went into the core?
Yes, quite right.

That's the bypass air
Providing ninety percent of the thrust
But it's much more exciting to talk about what happens in the core
Don't you think?

And that's how a jet engine works
All happening in the time it takes to blink