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Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Nude legs dangling
Kicking and pedaling in place
Perhaps a scissor kick or two
Something about them reminds me of you

That time you got away
Sliding along the water on your board
I was this close to taking a bite
But you didn't react in fright

You never even knew

That's the part that hurt the worst
When you didn't even notice my effort
And just because it is my nature is beside the point
Your lack of notice is what put my nose out of joint

Now I'll have you
It's all I'm thinking as I swim straight up
Mouth opening wide
Rows of teeth dull and white
Red red gums

One strong kick of my tail and I'm upon you
Biting down gently upon your delicate skin

But I as bite and thrash
Your legs inside my mouth
Femurs cracking slowly beneath my strong jaw
I realize this isn't you at all!

I can't believe I made this mistake
It's almost as if this chick was bait
So I'll keep on looking
Until I find the one that tastes just like you