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Friday, May 9, 2014

Captain Courageous

As heroes typically go
Captain Courageous was pretty slow
He often arrived long after the crime
Having very little sense of time

Cape flying out behind
Looking for all the trouble he can find
Fearlessly standing Superman
Long after the action is done

The Courageous Caller blasts out a summons
That there's evil afoot
Much hero work to be done

But CC has his ear buds in
Listening to Limp Bizkit
Having himself a swim

By the time he hears
The robbers have robbed
Kidnappers have kidnapped
Supervillains have taken over

But man does he look good
Flying in his red spandex tights
And Izod with double popped collar
Cape silkily flowing in the wind
Landing with a thud most marvelous
Shouting out his hello with heroic lungs
"These events appear outrageous!
They will be set right by Captain Courageous!"

His audience of onlookers look on
Before shaking their collective heads
And continuing to clean up the mess