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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Orange Cone Army

Do not go where the orange cones grow
With their fear and their stay out attitude
I tried it once and have regretted it since
Frightening myself and my passenger with a thump and a startle

They guard the road in all their flickering splendor
Orange yellow lights blinking at unmatching intervals
Not impressing me with their nonconformity
If it were me I'd stop and adjust their timers

Sometimes if nobody is looking
One will jump out into the middle of a lane
Just to keep drivers on their toes
Flickering dead center and being vain

If you see it too late you'll squish it for sure
Tossing it into the roadside ditch
Where it lies forgotten, collapsed, and scuffed
Until someone in an orange vest picks it up

Setting it up to taunt me once again