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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Pill Monger

Small bag of pills at the bottom of my locker
Some reds whites yellows and blue
All a little different in shape and marking
Yet I don't recall at all what they do

A yellow one is held just so in the light
Seems to be an "M" upon it
Or is that a "W"
No, that's not right

It's an "E"
That's what it is
Now to look in the pill encyopedia
Because this will be on tomorrow's pop quiz

It seems this is some over the counter Ecstasy
Though I can't recall if that's really a thing
The red ones must be uppers
The blue ones make one's cock rock hard for a fling

The white ones are aspirin
Or maybe some Abilify
The markings are a bit worn
As they've been knocking about for years

Come to think of it
Due to their age
I should probably just throw them all away
Except the Ecstasy
As that shit is all the rage