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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Tic Tac of Lies

The tic tac box makes promises
Promises of green apple flavor and mint
I like green apple
I like mint
Nothing here seems in disagreement

One dollar twenty nine cents later
Three mints pop past my lips
Feeling hard and smooth
With tastes of candy green apples
From the flat of my tongue to its tip

Then the flavor wanes as it does
As I swirl them around in a clicking dance
So as is my wont
I bite down upon them one at a time
Whereupon my eyebrows raise in instant askance

This is different and not what I was expecting
This new mixed mint plus green apple flavor
It reminds me of something
Something from my memory
I let it sit for a moment so that I can think and savor

Then it hits me
From a long ago morning or ten
It is a classic combination of morning after taste
Of some sickly sour sweet vomit
Combined with cool mint toothepaste!

I proclaim green apple tic tacs
To be a vomit flavored treat