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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Christmas Cookies

The pile of plain sugar cookies loomed large on my left
With an equally towering stack of frosted ones on my right
While I labored loves long lost frosting knife in the middle
Taking from the left 
Giving to the right

Santa Clauses and reindeer
Christmas trees with assorted shapes of gear
Candy canes and stars
Something shaped like a cigar
Along with assorted sized cookie cars

The stove behind me sat with it's door ajar
Cooling it's insides after laboring at it's baking
Cooking all of the aforementioned cookies had taken all evening
Resulting in all the frosted delights gleaming in sugar for the taking

I frost with my assorted colors in front of me
An endless supply of goopy sweet gloop
And little jars of various toppings
Calories enough for a boy scout troop

A sprinkle here
A silver sugar ball there
With Christmas carols swirling all around
Temporarily banishing any feelings of despair

The unfrosted pile gets ever smaller
Even as the frosted one gets more towering taller
Growing in an uneven bendy arc worthy of a Dr Seuss baking book
Warping reality into a festive glazed look

Finally all the cookies were frosted and coated with granular toppings of various gravel grades
And the pile stretched up out of sight
Through a hole in the roof
High into the starry night

Where one by one the Christmas cookies took flight
Floating up into the sky
To join the Starry Night much to the ghost of Van Gogh's delight
Until I was left with a much more manageable pile
For me to sort, box, and deliver through the snow soft and white

A Merry Cookie Christmas
Enjoy them one and all
I'm fairly certain they won't bite