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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Right Turn Only

Right Lane Must Turn Right
It's what the sign clearly said
It's what I must clearly do
Except I can't get you out of my head

Turning right would take me squarely away from you
Something I'm just not willing to do
At this time or this juncture
So I just barrel straight through

Going straight stinks of indecision
Putting off the final choice
Drawing ire and well deserved derision
As my love for you struggles to find it's voice

Turning left is what I ought to do
Being away from you is tearing me apart
And going that way would take me straight to you
Landing you squarely in the middle of my heart

But I've blown through three intersections now
Ignoring the right turn sign on every occasion
I've put off the moment long enough
I don't need any more persuasion

The next intersection is a tee I see
With only a right or left way to go
My hand moves of it's own accord
Setting the left turn signal aglow

This short drive in my mind took only moments
But even so I hope you've waited
For though a heart is a fragile thing
It's high time that our love was conjugated

The sign might say Right Turn Only
But a left turn is the only turn I really need