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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Android Love Song

How paranoid the android
Who sings songs of oranges and apple pie
Tastes he cannot fathom for truth
Only with optional taste receptors
And programmed interpretations thereof

So it's not real
It's not his taste that is taste tested
He'll always pick the third drink in the blind taste test
Because that's what the makers decreed that he'd love

It's an all Coke Zero world for this paranoid android

But how paranoid the android really?
If all that he suspects is true
And all the colors of the rainbow remain hidden to him
For all he is allowed to see is blue

Monochromatic all seeing mostly knowing
With banks of android thoughts
Categorized for clarity
But not by himself certainly
All for thinking thoughts that are his
But are not
And making brilliant conclusions
That might not be

For all he knows
He is a super retarded paranoid android
Just spinning his gears in place
Thinking he's a genius at everything
With dumbfounded synthetic drool upon his face