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Monday, December 30, 2013

5th Day of Christmas

On the fifth day of Christmas
I awoke with a start to see
That my French hen from day three
Had done something unsettling to me

Five gold rings she'd inserted
Into some of my tenderest of parts
All joined by one golden chain 
With which she could inflict pleasurable pain

The one in my nose
Was a wonder to behold
Inscribed with words
And facets for reflection

Twin gold rings
One for each sensitive nipple
Each tug on the chain leash
Felt at least times triple

Another for my scrotum
Right on the seam down the middle
Currently making a non-stop burning sensation
Which really didn't tickle

Now, the one in the head of my cock
Was quite thick and handsome
With a tiny bell on the ring as well
That would tinkle lightly as I would walk

So it would seem with my sexy French hen Aceline
Who holds tight to my new chain with zero misgive
That on this fifth Christmas day
I'll be learning to be a submissive