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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Cæcus Concisor

I see the woodcut so clearly
Traced by my fingers in the darkness
Relation to the woodblock just so
Gravers chisel cutting the lines
That are so vibrant in my mind

Sunlight unseen upon my face
Warming the skin and bringing a smile
As my hands continue their work
Inversing the image in second nature
Scribing and cutting now almost done

Blowing the wood chips away with one breath
I drag my fingertips across the block
Seeing the image in it's reversed entirety
Not my best work but certainly not my worst
This simple advertisement for the local tannery

Nothing left now but to ink it up and do the sample
To be handed off to my secretary for a visual inspection
Black ink rolled on smooth and thin
I press it to the thick paper and hold it up
Hanging now before my sightless eyes

Only seen as through a glass darkly