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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

What Makes An Airplane Fly?

Just a tiny speck in the sky
Speeding across the hemisphere
Begging questions of how and why
As it travels in hours what used to take years

Flocks of geese strapped to the wings
Each wearing a little leather harness
Pulling for all their feathery hearts are worth
To which their harried honking does attest

Fifteen thousand hamsters
Within each humming engine enclosure
Running upon an industrial exercise wheel
Having been duped by the company brochure

Is it launched by a giant invisible hand
Pulled ever forward by a twisted rubber band
Spinning the propeller with deceptive notions
With clackers and shakers for added commotion

Seven angels upon each wing
Pushing the airplane forward
Propelled by invisible heavenly farts
Perpetually percolated with St. Lawrence's own tarts

Lifted by ladybugs
Clinging on by the millions
Counting their wingstrokes by the minute
Losing track somewhere in the trillions

Science easily explains it all
But it still seems like magic
Watching an airplane sail through the atmosphere
As if it were coated with nonstick

What makes an airplane fly?

Bernoulie's Principle