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Friday, October 11, 2013

Calendar On Pause

The desk calendar still defiantly decreed it to be September
Clinging to it's month with fall colored claws
That reeked of back to school sales
And felt like the inside of a chipmunk hole ready for winter

Full of nuts

There was a doodle of a mushroom cloud on the 22nd
I'm not sure why
But I think it has to do with thinking of you
As that begats nuclear fueled reactions within me

Upon the 27th there are numerous hash marks
Like on a prison cell wall
Grouped in fives
Marking time spent in a nondescript day
Performing a job in common ways

Upon a spare square four days past the 30th
The name "Frero Gelan" is inscribed
Was there a meeting with this person for that day?
A day seemingly outside of time
Taking place after September
But before October

A mystery too big for this moment
When my brain needs to be doing other things
So I tear off the September page
And face October's blank staring rage

Eleven days late