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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Monster Mask

I wear a mask all year round
Like a growth or chronic disease
It's hard and black
Covered in QWERTY keys

It takes the socially awkward me
And transforms my interactions
Committing occasionally witty charming intelligent relations
As opposed to my naturally awkward social actions

Behind it my fingers can fly at 65 words per minute
In crystal clear train of thought stream
Much better than any halting words from my mouth
Which slowly chips away at any self esteem

Causing disconnect at that imaginary first meeting in person
With someone who has only known me from my words
As the playdate slowly turns into an awkward silence
Each soon beating a hasty retreat set to staccato thirds

On Halloween I can wear the mask in public though
Without being mistaken for some misshapen elephant
And everyone marvels at the person amongst them
Who seems so outgoing, elegant and eloquent

From behind this monster mask of mine
I could be anyone or anything quietly unseen
Making me wish that I could be like this always in person
Or that every day was another Halloween