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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Birthday Wishes & Doubling Tyres - pt2

I have no recollection of why
But on my eighth birthday I small tyre fell from the sky
Bouncing twice and rolling to a stop at my feet

I picked it up and wondered at it
As it looked just like the ones I still had at home from last year
Except that it was eight inches in diameter
And the other five were only four inches across

I puzzled over it for only a few minutes
A newly eight year old boy  has little attention to spare
There are frogs to capture
All the better to chase the girls with

One year later
Upon my ninth birthday
Another tyre crashed to the earth from some unseen height
This time bouncing several times
Smashing a chicken coop
And scaring a cow before rolling to a stop and flopping onto it's side at my feet

I picked it up and looked at it
And it looked so familiar
Just like some other tyres that were back in the house
But this one was bigger by quite a bit

I carried it to the porch
Setting it next to the bench there
And going up to my room to get the other tyres

Returning in a minute with two smaller tyres
I laid them all on the wooden planks of the porch from smallest to biggest

I made another trip to my room
This time coming back with a tape measure
And applied it carefully to each tyre in turn

The smallest was four inches in diameter
The next biggest was eight
With the newest one at sixteen inches

The funny thing was that other than their size
They all looked identical in every way
With the same shiny chrome rim
The same tread pattern
The same lettering upon the sidewall

And I remember the one from last year
When I was over at a friend's house
How it came down and bounced before rolling to my feet

Now this year the same thing had happened
But here at my father's house
But exactly one year later

I looked up into the sky and thought to myself

Somebody up there must like me