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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Angry Sundae

Two scoops of the hardest vanilla bean ice cream
Hammered into the bowl with feeling
Slowly melting flat spots on their bottoms
As I stand there with senses still reeling

The back of my neck is bright red
There is a vein in my forehead protruding
I have to feed this upset emotion
Lest lighter fare comes intruding

With warm syrup in my hand
I beheld my two scoops of ice creamed dismay
Slowly tilting and pouring out the fudge topping of rage
Grinning evilly as it melts into the surface making way

Cradling the bowl like an infuriated infant
I make my way to some grouchy looking furniture
Slamming myself into cushions of fury
And grimly begin shoveling in my cold sweet antagonistic mixture

But despite my worst intentions of feeding the beast within me
I felt the unmistakable feels of my ire melting away
Paired with the warming of the ice cream upon my tongue
Incensed annoyance retreating in a fancifully concise concessional display

In the end all I was left with was a pleasant sugar high
Plus a wonder that I'd let THAT bother me so very much
Along with undying thanks to that very angry sundae
With it's delicious chocolate vanilla bean flavorful delicate touch