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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Vendo Armadillidiidae

Roly poly's of opportunity walked their many legged walk
In and around the moist crevasses
The rotten logs and decaying leaves
Staying out of sight for them most part
Until I move something from on top of them

And in those few seconds that they are exposed clearly
It is as if they freeze in place
Giving me broadside views of their layered armor shells
Colored in broad strokes and begging me to pay heed

"I lost 9 pounds in ten days!"
One of them trumpets from the advertisement upon his body
There was a link to a website too
But he motivated too quickly for me to copy it down

"Amazing opportunities in Google advertising!
I work from home!"
Another larger one said
And instead of writing down the link or number
I pondered if the little roly poly could even read it
Or if it was like those humans who only read and write English
Getting Chinese character tattoos
Just trusting in the artist to get it right as they go

I picked one up which had an extra confusing pattern upon him
He rolled into a ball at the touch of my fingers
Making plain the message he was trying to get across
For in a circular pattern around his round ball form
Was the image of a gold coin
And the words
"Cash For Gold!"

I went for my camera but sadly dropped him
Losing sight of him and his message in the dirt

All the rest had gone as well
Though their messages were now burned into my brain
So that very evening I quit my job and started advertising on Google Ad Sense
I sold all the gold and silver jewelry that I owned at a place that had a man flipping a sign out front
And I ordered a magical weight loss pill

Thank you opportunity offering pill bugs
You have changed my life!